The Trading Game

We like trading games - they are always so unfair! The rich get richer at the expense of the countries that supply the raw materials. Is there a way around this? We are still trying to figure it out!
The richest countries even got to go and eat lunch before the poorest countries - its not FAIR!

Mission Muddisdale with the P4s

Today we revisited Muddisdale to let the P4s try some of the Mission Explore activities we had created. We had 4 types of activities - Nature; Experiential; Art, Craft and Technology and Shelter building.  At each activity the P6s helped the P4s and lead the activities. At lunchtime we had a group sing-a-long. Read the comments below to find out what we all thought about the day.

Tour Guiding at The Palaces - Group 1

 On the 6 of May P6 did an amazing tour of the Bishops palace we were doing it to Eday and Pappie it was really good but It was cold and we tried our best. We started by getting introduced by the junior tour guides. Then we went across to the Bishops palace. The schools enjoyed it at the end we made everyone say a fact. They all remembered there parts and what to say I thought it went very well it was an amazing experience for us and we all enjoyed it very very much. 
Angus, Robert.   

On Tuesday group 1 finally got to do their first tour guiding to Eday School. We were in group 2 and we were in charge of showing them the bottom half of the Earls palace along with the waiting room. In group 2 the characters were the Constable, maid, servant, Turnbrochie, Guard’s, and Cooks. Our costumes were really cool and it made us look the part and feel it as well. Our cue to start our part is a knock at the door and on Tuesday we were definitely nervous waiting in silence for the knock on the door but in the end it finally came. We all really enjoyed doing it and the end came all too quick. Eday School said they really enjoyed us and thought we were wonderful. We really hope we can do more tour guiding in the near future.
Daisy and Erin.K

We did tour guiding at the earls and bishops palaces for the 2nd time. It was very rainy so the walk was horrible so we whore ponchos to cover the costumes. When we got there we went down to the cellar. Group 1 got ready while we entertained each over. After a while group 2 got ready and did their part they where right near the cellar we had to be quiet and sneaky. Then they went into the kitchen. group 3 then sneaked upstairs and then we got a peak at everyone there was lots. it was nervous waiting for the audience. After a while the Counstable came up and we got into positions. During the middle of our part we told the audience to come into the other room they must of not heard very well because they started to clap and turned to the exit we quickly told them to go to the other room. At the end we whore our ponchos again and made our way back to the school. It was great fun and we hope we do it a 3rd time. 

Primary Athletics

On Thursday Erlend, Brogan, Cameron, Erin, Aneisha and Lauren went to Picky to take part in the Primary Athletics. You had to run a race, a throw and a jump.  The events were 100m or 800 m race, high jump or long jump and cricket ball or shot put. There was a 9 - 10 age group  and 11 - 12 age group.

At the end whoever had the most medals could win the overall winner for  your age.Pupils from all over the  Mainland and the Isles came as well. Everyone who contributed tried their very hardest and showed great sportsmanship. 

American football

Today our class went to the dinner hall with our American students Camryn and David who taught us how to play American football. First they showed us how to throw and catch the ball. We got into groups of four and started to throw and catch the ball like they told us, next they told us how to run the ball that is when you catch the ball you protect it and then you put it between your hand and your shoulder, and then we did a relay. 
Then they told how to tackle and finally we did a huddle stand - before a game we clap.
Brogan and Erlend

Today we watched some of the best play from the Green Bay Packers, the home team of our visiting American students.