Scrapstore Playpod

Our playground looks a bit different than it used to these days... At lunchtime we have some great scrap to play with - materials that would otherwise go staright to the dump are assessed by Orkney Zerowaste and can be used by us. Everyone is enjoying playtimes with the new equipment - all you need to bring is your imagination!

We put all of our ideas together to create a class acrostic poem about the Scrapstore Playpod.  We made sure that we described what we play with, what we do with it and how it makes us feel.  We successfully included many WOW words and similes.  We are all able to create a poem with an interesting structure.


  1. Love the photos of the playpod and the poem, glad to see and hear you are enjoying playing with the things in it. Your class photo is cool too with all that "HIGH 5'S!" Caroline (Laura's mum)

  2. The children all seem to be enjoying using the playpod it looks great fun
    Elins Mum

  3. I like all the stuff in the scrap store play pod.


  4. Wow, the Scrapstore Playpod is fantastic! Every school should have one!
    Lovely to see such imaginative play. I really liked the acrostic poem too.

    Lynn (Jack's Mum)

  5. Its fun

    elin sinclair p5

  6. What a great idea and well done on the fantastic poem. Hope you all have loads of fun with the playpod. Shona (Erin's mum)