3D Shape Building

Last week we were revising the features of 3D shapes
 we already knew and learning about some new ones. 
Today we worked in groups to build shapes out of straws and
blutac to help us remember about their edges and vertices.
Ask us about how we contributed to
the activity as part of a group.
Some groups worked really well together.
Some people stuck well to the task and tried to
work out the best way of going about it.
Some people were good at taking a lead and organising the jobs.
Some people showed they could listen well to others and take advice.


  1. I can see good group work going on - lots of concentrating and collaborating. Well done!

  2. You all seem to be concentrating really hard,what a fun way to learn about 3D shapes. I bet the finished shapes were pretty impressive. Caroline(Laura's mum)