How do you build an offshore wind farm?

William's dad came in to tell us all about his job today. 
We saw a video of the huge cables being chopped up aboard the ship.

He lays the under-water cables that take the power ashore from off-shore turbines.

He uses ROVs (remote operated vehicles) to survey the area and then lay the cable under the sea bed.

This one is ready to be lowered on to the sea bed.

This one would fill our classroom!
 He operates the ROVs from the control room on the deck of the ship.
The control area.
 The cameras on the ROVs show what is happening underwater.

They engineers work 24 hours a day, in 12 hour shifts, in most weathers.


  1. I had a good time talking to your class today

    Simon (Williams dad)

  2. I hope you all enjoyed his visit and got some interesting information for your project!!

    Tracy (William's mum)

  3. Many thanks for coming in and telling us all about it. Great pictures too!

  4. That must have been really interesting. I look forward to hearing about it.

  5. awesome loved seeing all of the intresting pictures cool wind farm lodes of windmills


  6. This looks interesting,you all look to be enjoying the film. Aren't the ROV's big! Imagine being able to control them remotely from the ship. Your project is certainly interesting and varied. Caroline(Laura's mum)

  7. I really enjoyed learning about wind farms. It was so cool! Laura

  8. it was really interesting. The Rov was so cool!!!!!! Erin

  9. The rov was so fun to see the picture.I love school :)from calvin charles

  10. Sounds like you had a great visit from William's Dad, really interesting. It is amazing how wind farms are created and work. Pauline - Fraser's mum