Tag Rugby Festival

Good weather for the most part, ending in a downpour.
Well done Class 5 for working in mixed teams - a great way to meet people from other schools too!


  1. You all seemed to enjoy taking part in the rugby and played well with your fellow Glaitness pupils from P6 and P6/7. You all showed good sportmanship and shook hands with the other schools after each game. Well done P5! What a pity we all got soaked and muddy.Caroline(Laura's mum)

  2. Huge thanks to Andrew and Caroline for giving up their time to help us - it is much appreciated.
    Well done to everyone for taking part and entering into the spirit of the festival!

  3. The tag rubby festival was fun we got good weather for it

    elin sinclair p5

  4. Lots of fun!! Sounds and looks like you all had a great time.
    Pauline - Fraser's mum