Finding out about windpower begins with measuring the wind and for this we needed windsocks!
The Tornadoes. Windy Anna Jones, Windsane Bolt, The Terrible Turbines and The Whirlwinds  tested the socks in the playground.
There is plenty of energy in the wind these days!


  1. You would have had no problems testing windpower in Orkney lately,(wind, wind and more wind, springs to mind), I'm surprised you managed to hang onto the windsocks. Looks like you are working well in groups again, well done. Not so sure about some of the names though!Caroline (Laura's mum)

  2. I love the team names! Plenty of wind here to test your windsocks!
    Pauline (Fraser's mum)

  3. On second thoughts maybe the names are pretty cool! Caroline (Laura's mum)

  4. I enjoyed making the windsocks!!! They were awesome. Laura

  5. Great to see you all outside in the fresh air. Lenore (Maddie's mum)

  6. What a fabulous idea to make Wind-Socks and from recyclable material wow. And ideal weather conditions to test them. Well done everybody.Lyndsay Emma`s mum.

  7. I realy enjoyed maken the windsocks they were cool
    I realy liked all the names and it was realy good wind
    to test them out the group name that I was in was
    The whirl winds!!!!

    Stephanie (p5)