Remember to Save Energy!

Everyone can turn the lights off!

Do you have an XBox? Fraser will remember to turn his off when he is not using it.

We have been thinking about ways to save energy at home and to help us we have made reminders to place around the house. We can take responsibility for turning off many of the electrical devices we use.

Don't leave your TV on stand-by!
Some great ideas!
 Do you only boil the water that you need in your kettle? 
Can you spot a clever sign designed specially for the light switch!
Switch it off and save energy!
Don't forget!

Stick them up!

Switch off and smile, because...

You'll be saving energy, which means...

saving the planet AND smaller bills!
Great graphics!

We can all save energy!


  1. It's always a good idea to try and save electricity, I'm sure these signs will help us all to remember to turn things off and be more energy efficient.Caroline (Laura's mum)

  2. Thanks P5 for your energy saving tips and ideas, hopefully we will save lots of energy - and all our hydro/fuel bills will be less!

    Pauline (Fraser's mum)

  3. Very good advice for everyone told all the girls at work today about how to save energy,by remembering to do these things.Karen(Keira's mum)

  4. Well done p5's (vicky) :-)

  5. I realy enjoyed doing it and it is working.


  6. Brilliant Stephanie! That is the result we want!

  7. Great ideas! Well done to all of you who took the photos in too.