Children In Need 2012

P5 loved coming to school in their did Miss Gillies! 
We all helped to raise the fabulous total of £630.94.  It was good fun for a great cause.  Some even played football in their pyjamas! 
Thankfully, everyone remembered their swimming kits
so there were no soggy PJs in the afternoon!


  1. Well done Class 5 - you look great! I hope you enjoyed the day. You helped to raise £630.94!

  2. Well done to all who entered into the spirit of children in need and helped raise such a brilliant total! Love the photo taken with pudsey in the diner hall too. Glad you all remembered your swimming kits or else the lifeguards would have got quite a shock!Caroline(Laura's mum)

  3. I loved going to shool in are jammies.Especilly when we were playing football. lilly

  4. It was comfy going to school in jammies.I wanted to wear jammies on monday!