Scotland the Brave!

Our first two weeks of the term have been so busy! We have decided what we think we know about our topic for this term, 'Scotland', and what we would like to find out. We think we know quite a lot about music and culture but we have groups of people finding out about traditional foods, Scottish sports, myths and legends, castles, lighthouses, kings and queens and nature! This will involve drama and dressing up, model making, cooking and baking, getting sporty and lots of research.

Happily for us the whole school went to see the film 'Brave' which raised some questions! Had bears lived in Scotland? Which other animals had lived in Scotland and were now extinct? Had any been re-introduced? Should they be reintroduced? Lots of useful thinking has been going on which will feed into debates.

We recognised that the film makers had tried to accurately reproduce landscapes and native Caledonian Pine Forest.  for the film.(Did you know there is only 1% of the original forest left?)
This year the BBC Autumnwatch team have been based in Scotland. One of the animals which they have been watching is the beaver which has been re-introduced in a controlled trial at the Aigas Field Centre near Inverness.
There are more beavers living wild in Argyll as part of the Scottish Beaver Trial.
We have begun labelling the big map of Scotland in the classroom...

and designing our own tartan!


  1. This sounds like a very interesting project, requiring a lot of research work. The film "Brave" was really good and the scenery was pretty realistic as were some of the facts i.e the clans. (I didn't like the fierce bear much but I liked the 3 baby ones at the end.) Love the tartan designs, well done P5! Caroline(Laura's mum)

  2. I love the kilts. They really brighten up our classroom. Well done!