The class debates!

This week we had a debate about whether re-introducing animals to Scotland was a good idea. Bears, wolves and beavers were some of the animals which were once native to Scotland.
Each team made very good points and followed the rules of the debate well, allowing everyone who wanted to speak to have a turn, trying really hard to hold on to their ideas while they waited for a turn, as well as replying to the points the other team were making.

We compared our opinions at the end of the debate with our opinions at the beginning and discovered they had become polarised! No-one had changed their minds or been persuaded by the other team. Everyone had become even more convinced that their opinions were correct.

Had we been too influenced by films like 'Brave' and myths and legends about wild animals?
do we think of wild animals like we do our pets?

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  1. This is a difficult subject to debate. I bet there were some good arguments for and against the reintroduction of wild animals. Glad to hear everyone put their points across. Caroline(Laura's mum)