Cathedral Carols and Spiced Biscuits

Practising for our Carol Service at St Magnus Cathedral.
This week we made spiced biscuits for hanging up as Christmas decorations. They were fun to make and made the school smell like Christmas time. The best bit was whe we decorated them with icing. We drizzled the icing from a spoon.
It made a very sticky mess!
We attached our Norwegian cookies to cards and wrote, 'God Jul og Godt Nytt Ar', inside.
That is Norwegian for Happy Christmas and Happy New Year.
We were very pleased with the results.
Click on the photos to get an enlarged picture.


  1. I liked making the biscuts becouse it was fun puting the lemon icing on the biscut.The card was fun making aswell becouse we got to tie the biscut on and stick decorations on aswell then we got to write god jul og godt nytt ar. which means merry christmas and a happy new year.

    Keira P5

  2. Your cards and biscuits look really great, very festive. It looks like you had great fun making them. The pictures in the Cathedral are great too, I'm sure the singing will sound good to, I can't wait to hear the carols later tonight. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all in P5! Caroline(Laura's mum).