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We pinched an idea from P7-6's blog today!  We exchanged information that we had researched about the reason behind Christmas symbols by speed info.  We sat opposite each other for two minutes and told each other everything we had found out.  We then added to our own notes.
Some interesting information that we shared was:
* Candy cane stripes are supposed to show Jesus' blood and when you turn them around it makes a J for Jesus.
* Between 1900 and 1950, candy canes were sometimes used in churches at Christmas time to keep young children quiet!
* Christmas wreaths are hung on doors to keep evil spirits away.
* Queen Victoria's husband, Albert, made Christmas trees popular in the UK and America.
* The mincemeat in mince pies is actually made from exotic fruits and spices.
* In Greek, Christ is spelt Xristos.  In the sixteenth century, people started using X instead of Christ as a short way of writing Christmas.
We found our information on the internet.  We must remember that we can't tell if it is all completely accurate as people can really put whatever they want on their websites!
It would be really good if some of you posted comments about other things you found out.

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