Sports and monsters

The sports group explained and encouraged us to have a go at netball today. They obviously knew their sport well and organised, explained and demonstrated skillfully. Well done!
The Loch Ness Monster group explained how three of the sightings occurred. First by St Columba and a monk he was travelling with, then the famous photograph of 'Nessie' in the 1930s (or was it an elephant trunk?) and finally the failed attempts and lots of money spent by scientists trying to find Nessie. An amusing and informative presentation!
The team with their own Nessie and the famous photograph in the background.


  1. The netball and the loch ness monster were really interesting. I had lots of fun at the netball and the loch ness monster was really cool.


  2. Nessie looks really good! I wonder does he or she really exsist? How many of you think so?
    Well done to everyone who took part and organised the netball, it looks like you all had fun(even the boys, who normally wouldn't play netball).Caroline(Laura's mum)

  3. I heard that the girls made a super job of the netball session. I think we have some budding teachers or sports coaches on our hands! Well done to the other pupils who took part enthusiastically. I especially liked the note that the girls gave everyone else to say thank you for taking part and informing them how they can get involved in netball if they want to.
    Thanks to the Nessie group for letting us use your great creation in the assembly!