Lighthouses, Nature and Castles

Angus and his creators!

A proud castle owner!
  This week we have learned about Scotland's castles, wildlife and lighthouses - particularly the lighthouses built by the Stevensons.
Why not try our big Scottish quiz on the wiki page here? How much do you know?


  1. Love your creations. Doesn't Jack's castle look brilliant and Angus doesn't look too bad either, love his antlers.(Now I know why your painting apron was so dirty Laura!) The paintings of the stags look really good to. Well done to all of you. Caroline (Laura's mum)

  2. These are fantastic and have had lots of compliments. You have worked hard on them and the end result is something you can be very proud of. I am sure you have learned new techniques in creating them, as well as knowledge about castles and wildlife in Scotland.