Magnus at the Peedie Pier

This wonderful piece of art was produced by Magnus using charcoal and is on display at the Pier Arts Centre in Stromness at the moment.  How exciting!  It is part of an exhibition called 'Peedie Pier', which features work by children from schools all over Orkney.


  1. Well done Magnus! Your picture is really good. In fact everyone's work that is on display in the exhibition is good. I went to see it on Saturday, as Lauras sister had a picture there. I liked St Andrew's big paper mauche monster, I certainly wouldn't like to meet him on a dark night.Caroline(Laura's mum)

  2. you did a really good drawing magnus I bet Mrs . Frith is so proud

    from lilly

    1. I went to the arts centre and saw it. it is a really cool drawing.

      from Ross.L