Earth Hour

I will if you will...
If more than half of you join in and support Earth Hour on Saturday 23rd March at 8.30pm, I will bake for you all next week!
Remember to join people in 152 countries by turning off all of the lights in your house for an hour.  This will show your concern about the future of our lives on this earth.
Learn lots more about Earth Hour at, including lots of suggestions about what you can do during that hour and after it.  Some famous voices have recorded some 'Just So' stories and I will definitely be listening to them.
Remember to get a parent to sign your Earth Hour slip to show that you have taken part, then you can look forward to some yummy treats and know that you are doing your bit to make a better future for our planet.
Mrs L

Famous For The Day!

Here we are in all our splendour!
We have dressed up for Comic Relief.
Add a comment to say who you have come as and why you are getting involved.

Would you survive?

Today we 'played' the paper bag game.
For us it was a game but for many children in India and other places it is real life.
We found out how long and hard people have to work to just to survive.
We thought about how a material we 'throw away' and regard as ready for recycling is used to make a new and useful container which is less harmful to the environment than the free plastic bags we use.

The Iron Man is coming!

Sigurd sets off for New Zealand!

Gathering things for the parcel.
 Today we parcelled up some information, maps, leaflets and guides, to send to Room 5 so that they can find out a bit more about where we live.
Sigurd is going too with his photo album he made with us last week.
Have a safe journey Sigurd!
See you soon with our friends in New Zealand we hope!
Sigurd with his favourite stick.