Sigurd sets off for New Zealand!

Gathering things for the parcel.
 Today we parcelled up some information, maps, leaflets and guides, to send to Room 5 so that they can find out a bit more about where we live.
Sigurd is going too with his photo album he made with us last week.
Have a safe journey Sigurd!
See you soon with our friends in New Zealand we hope!
Sigurd with his favourite stick.


  1. I hope Sigurd has a safe journey to New Zeland!
    I am looking forward to seeing what he has been up to with the New Zeland boys and girls.

  2. I'm sure he will have a fantastic time! I have visited New Zealand twice and it is such a beautiful and interesting country. I bet the boys and girls are really excited about receiving the package.

  3. Wow isn't Sigurd cute! What a good name for him, maybe it'll encourage some of the girls and boys in New Zealand to look into it's origins and the history of Orkney. I'm sure Sigurd will have a great time and maybe the children will get to take him home and write a diary like you all did when "Gumleaf" (the koala) came to stay in Orkney with you all. (P2, I think) Caroline (Laura's mum)

  4. I can't wait to hear from new zealand .
    I bet they can't wait to recive sigaurd.
    I hope siguard is happy.


  5. hi it azlynn from pekerau we can't wait to see sigurd. nz

  6. hi i am AYRIN we are looking every where watching till he comes.
    it is going to be so fun looking after Sigurd here at Pekerau School. at the moment it is Autumn at New Zealand but there is still some pretty hot days still. i live in Te Awamutu I have a pretty big house it is a bit fancy the beds. sigurd is a really cool name iwish i had a pet called sigurd but my lizard and cat's name are lizzy the lizard.And runes the cat i had a dog but it died from poison food that dad froze until rubbish day we built a grave for our dog its name was toot it was so sad I started to cry. also dad started to cry a bit then we went to bed and read a story called pancake attack it is an awesome story I always read it now. I was almost laughing the whole night. I was really tired in the morning my neck hurt so much from laughing on my side why i was sleeping.i had a good sleep the next night. Sigurd might like to come to my house. Ayrin NZ

  7. Sigurd still hasn't arrived in Te Awamutu, maybe he is having a wee look around some other countries on his way here. We are keeping an eye out for him. Room 5 NZ

  8. Oh dear! I hope he arrives soon.

  9. we are very sad because we think sigurd has lost his way from orkeny to new zealand.We are getting really sad that sigurd has not arived in newzealand our came to Pekerau. sorry for the bad news.

    From Ayrin. Room 5 Pekerau

    1. Don't worry! Harald ('Harry'), Sigurd's cousin, is on his way and should be with you within a week!

    2. Harry is here! - At Pekerau School. hes having lots of fun at school. Harry has been learning about seasons and the water cycle. We will send some pictures soon, and Harry can tell you what he has learned about the water cycle. Harry didn't like the fog yesterday. We think Harry is really cute. From Ayrin and Room 5 Chipmunks.