Well done to everyone who completed our sponsored skip on the last day of term.  It was a great event.  Thanks to all of the friends and family who came along to support us too.

I apologise for the ridiculously blurry photographs!  I am hoping that someone will send me some much better ones that they took!
You can listen to Radio Orkney's report here:
Listen from 35 min 18 sec!
As we had ten people from P5 and P2 unable to be there on the day, we will count their skips on the first day of the new term.  They will hopefully take their sponsor money with them too and we will be able to report back with a total number of skips and the amount of money we have raised for

We are really grateful to the Pickaquoy Centre for providing us with a room and drinks and to the Kirkwall Swimming Pool and Tesco for providing prizes.


  1. It was so very fun I really hope we are appreciated by the British Heart Foundation. We all are more fit and healthy than ever.

    Erin p5

  2. It was a very good day for the skipping. I had great fun. Very well done to Laura for getting the most skips! And Fraser for getting the most sponsers. I hope that in Primary we will be able to do it again sometime so we can see if we have improved. The boys and girls in P2F all done a very good job at skipping they all looked very proffesional.

    Maddie P5

  3. Well done everyone! You all did really well. I enjoyed your skipping routines. Well done to Fraser and Erin Kemp for raising the most money in each class and well done to Laura and Sofia for doing the most skips. I think Mrs Linklater and and her mum, Mrs Cromarty were real good sports for taking part, you all did a really good job for a good cause. Well done P5 and P2F. I even had a go at skipping but I wasn't much good! Caroline(Laura's mum) Also well done to Laura and Aiden for talking clearly on radio Orkney and representing class 5 so well.(most unlike Laura to be so confident)