We were learning about the Jewish festival of Passover this morning.  We learned about the Jewish people being treated as slaves in Egypt and how God freed them from it.  It was really interesting finding out how Jewish people remember the Passover and why they include all of the items in their Seder Meal.

Post a comment to let us know the significance of the different foods and what you thought of them.
You can also write about anything else you learned about the Passover or anything you would still like to find out.


  1. The Passover meal [ or Pesach in Hebrew] was very... interesting. In a Passover meal there is wine which is a celebratory drink. Matzo bread which is unleavened, crispy bread and we have it because the Jews did not have enough time to let it rise. We also have parsley which we dip in salt water two times to represent the tears and sweat of the Jews. There is also celery that it dipped in Horseradish sauce [ or other bitter sauce] to represent it being a bitter time but sweet because they were getting freed. Another thing is a boiled egg to represent new life in the new land. Lamb leg is there to represent the blood on the door so firstborn of the Jews didn't die. The last thing is Charoset which is a mixture of nuts, dried apples, cinnamon and wine to represent the mortar that they mixed to build. At the meal of Passover the youngest child at the table asks the four questions. Why do we eat unleavened bread? Why do we eat bitter herbs? Why do we dip our food in liquid? Why do we eat in a reclining position? The meal is called Passover because God passed over the houses of the Jews.

    From Emma G p5.

    1. What a fantastic explanation, Emma. Thank you for taking the time to describe what you have learnt. The parsley dipped in salt water certainly brings tears to my eyes!