St Magnus Centre and Cathedral Trip

We made the most of this beautiful day and walked along to the St Magnus Centre this morning.  Clearly the walk in the hot sun was too much for some people!
We enjoyed our snacks in the sun.
Then we watched the short film about St Magnus and the Cathedral.
After that we headed down to the St Magnus Cathedral and were treated to a great tour by Fran Hollinrake.  She was full of really interesting information and the children asked many good questions.
Here are some photos of our tour.  Please post comments to explain what you were learning in each photo.
1 2
3 4 5
Our trip taught us more about the history of Orkney and specifically the influence the Vikings had here.
When we got back to the school, we continued to make the most of the lovely day by bringing our maths outside!


  1. Looks like you all had a great time at the Cathedral and the St Magnus Centre, wasn't it great to see the sun. I hope you learnt lots of interesting facts about vikings and Orkney's heritage. Maths looks like fun too! Caroline(Laura's mum).

  2. 1.We were learning about the stain glass window that was given for the cathedrals 850th annaversaty and the Queen went to put it in. And that the first 2pilars are tilted forward and not strait like all the overs because it tilted forward then the floor sunk. 2. We were looking at a bell that got took up from the Royal Oak. Under- neath there is a cabinet that had a book in it that has all the names of the people that died on the Royal Oak. 3. We are looking at a statue of king Olaf standing on his bad self called crabby Olaf that was given for the cathedrals 800th annaversaty from Norway. 4. We are getting told the story of St. Magnus and how he didn't want to be killed like a prisinor that he wanted the axe to go strait down the middle of his head. 5. We were learning about the dungeons in the cathedral and When a prisinor was found guilty they would be through'n in to the dungeon for 2-3 days. After they are taken out they will have to face the consequences. 6. We are looking at the pilar with st.Magnuses bones in it. 7. At the end Fran showed us a photo of st. Magnuses bones.


    1. Great explanations, Steph! You listened really well and learned a lot. Thanks for posting.

  3. 1 we are looking at the glass window, it was put in to mark its 850th anniversry, the Queen came up to reveal it, it had an axe and a dove at the top and a longship and 2 plants at the bottom.
    2 Here we are looking at the bell and book from the Royal Oak that sank.There is 2 flags from the Royal Oak,they have been taken up from the Royal Oak by divers.The book has all the names of the people who died.3 We are looking at Olaf the king of Norway, in the one hand he has an axe in the other he has an orb. He is standing on a little monster with the head of Olaf on it this means everyone including Olaf has angry side.4 This is when we were listening to the story of St Magnus. He was killed by an axe, the cook did it but he didn't want to.5 We are looking at Marwicks hole it was a dungeon where they kept prisoners then they would get out and be punished.6 We are looking at the place where St Magnus's bones were found in the pillar.7 We are being shown the pictures of St Magnus's bones by Fran,one of them is the skull of St Magnus it had a hole in it.
    Tommy p5

    1. Thanks, Tommy. Your clear descriptions show that you were really paying attention and you learned a lot from the tour.
      Mrs L