Teaching P3

Today we taught P3 about how to help people who are ill or injured.  We have learned a lot about first aid last term and this term.  We worked in groups of three to write a short playscript about a scenario where something happens to a friend and we have to help them.  We also made up little activities for the P3s to do to show how much they understood.
Helping someone who has a burn. 
Helping someone who is not breathing.  
 Helping someone with a nose bleed.
Helping someone who is choking.
Helping someone who is unconscious but breathing.
 Helping someone who is having an asthma attack.
 Helping someone who has a bad bleed.
Helping someone who has a broken bone.
P5 gave super explanations.  I think we have some future teachers in the making!  P3 listened well and showed good learning.

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  1. Looks like you all know your first aid, a very useful thing to know. Let's hope you don't have to put any of it into practice. I hope P3 learnt a lot from you. Caroline(Laura's mum)