Get on your bike this summer!

Get outside and active this summer. Danny McAskill gives us inspiration!

See his amazing video 'Imaginate'.
Girls ride bikes too!

Why not try the bikeability course organised by the Active Schools Team this summer.

Meeting a Professional Athlete

On Friday, we were treated to a visit from Sean Corrigall.  Sean is a professional rower who is about to represent Scotland again next month.  It was really inspiring to meet someone who comes from Orkney and is competing alongside Olympic Gold Medallists.  He told us about how he got involved in rowing and the kind of training he has to do.  We were surprised to hear about the hours he trains for and how much he has to eat to give him enough energy.

We were not able to access his website on the school computers but it is really worth having a look at.
Watch out for him competing for Scotland in the home countries regatta this summer and hopefully in the Commonwealth Games next year.

Muddisdale Storytelling Dens

Today we went to Muddisdale to build storytelling dens and tell our traditional tales to P2T.
After the storytelling we had a treasure hunt, then some of the P2 children retold our stories back to us or told their own stories!

Orkney summer flowers on the maritime heath

Here are some of Orkney's flowers growing on the maritime heath at Mull Head.
How many can you identify?
This habitat is very similar to another we have studied recently - can you guess which?

Picking Up Three Pieces at School!

Today we got new tabards and used the litter pickers which P2 got for our Pick Up Three Pieces initiative to make 3 teams of litter pickers in the playground!

Sports Day

I am very sorry that the photos of sports day are not on the blog yet.  I have been trying to put together a rather fantastic slideshow but something has gone wrong!  I will get back to it when I return from my trip away.
Mrs L

More Traditional Tales of Trolls and Trows

We have published a few of our stories on P5TV, including two retold by Tom Muir. We hope you enjoy them!

Jessie and the trow.

A troll story.

A trowie tale.

The Trow's Riddle.

A Sanday Trow story.

The Trow and the baby.

Tom retells two stories:

A trowie story.

Sarah and the troll.

Litter Warriors at Scapa on World Environment Day.

 Today we walked from school to Scapa to remove marine litter from the beach.
After arriving we stopped to take some fuel on board for the task.
We started at the waterfall end of the beach and worked our way towards the PU3P bin.
We found a lot of bird bones in amongst the dried up seaweed, as well as a dolphin's jaw and seal bones.

Before long our buckets (donated by Tesco) were getting full mostly with short lengths of plastic rope and some single use containers.

We stuck to the tide lines and rarely needed to look anywhere else - this was where the litter had gathered and a lot of it was tangled up in the dried up seaweed or buried in the stones and sand.

Here are a few of the filled buckets...

which took team work and...

cooperation to fill and carry all the way along to the bin.

'Pick up THREE!'
We filled the bin almost to the brim with this lot and after lunch tackled the section of beach below the Royal Oak memorial garden.

This builders' bag may have been lying in the sand for over a year. Most of us have seen it and maybe had a go at trying to remove it and given up. But today it didn't stand a chance of evading the combined power of our litter warriors!

Great job, well done!

Re-using plastic and inventing alternatives

Before we head off to Scapa tomorrow to Pick Up Three Pieces (probably mostly plastic) it was time to have a look at the models and prototypes some of us had made. We had considered how we could re-use plastics or make things almost entirely without plastics in them. We had a night light/garden light made from a green plastic drinks bottle with beautifully decorated wings, a fruit bat notelet holder and hanging display, a purple spider pencil holder and sharpener (much nicer than the original plastic version), a giant paper piggy bank and a funnel made from strong paper which could be used for dry foods like rice and even a small amount of water. The centre picture is an awesome alternative packed lunch box complete with handle and belt to keep it tight shut, inside it has a sandwich container and yogurt pot and drinks bottle. The glass containers are padded for safelty and insulation and there is not a scrap of plastic in sight! Eco-tastic and it looks great too - we might see it next on The Dragon's Den!