Litter Warriors at Scapa on World Environment Day.

 Today we walked from school to Scapa to remove marine litter from the beach.
After arriving we stopped to take some fuel on board for the task.
We started at the waterfall end of the beach and worked our way towards the PU3P bin.
We found a lot of bird bones in amongst the dried up seaweed, as well as a dolphin's jaw and seal bones.

Before long our buckets (donated by Tesco) were getting full mostly with short lengths of plastic rope and some single use containers.

We stuck to the tide lines and rarely needed to look anywhere else - this was where the litter had gathered and a lot of it was tangled up in the dried up seaweed or buried in the stones and sand.

Here are a few of the filled buckets...

which took team work and...

cooperation to fill and carry all the way along to the bin.

'Pick up THREE!'
We filled the bin almost to the brim with this lot and after lunch tackled the section of beach below the Royal Oak memorial garden.

This builders' bag may have been lying in the sand for over a year. Most of us have seen it and maybe had a go at trying to remove it and given up. But today it didn't stand a chance of evading the combined power of our litter warriors!

Great job, well done!


  1. It was really fun picking up the litter, especially the builder bag. All of our class worked really well to pick up so much litter!


  2. Well done P5! You all worked hard(some harder than others) at picking up litter, with some impressive results. Congratulations to you all for getting the builders bag out of the sand, it's been there for ages. I've been on a few other class trips to Scapa with different classes, who have tried unsuccessfully to remove it. A great team effort. You must have been tired by the time you got home as it was a lovely day and quiet a lot of walking and bending.Caroline(Lauras mum)

  3. Well done. It was such a bonny day for a trip to the beach and it looks like you did a lot of good work whilst you were there. Creatures of the sea and land will be thankful for it.

  4. We got lots of litter and ropes picked up! We all worked well as a team especially the people that were getting the builders bag out of the ground. I was picking up the little bits of rope and plastic in the dried up seaweed and all I could hear was 123.... pull. It was a fun day but everyone was exhausted by the time we had to walk back to school.

    Maddie P5