More Traditional Tales of Trolls and Trows

We have published a few of our stories on P5TV, including two retold by Tom Muir. We hope you enjoy them!

Jessie and the trow.

A troll story.

A trowie tale.

The Trow's Riddle.

A Sanday Trow story.

The Trow and the baby.

Tom retells two stories:

A trowie story.

Sarah and the troll.


  1. These folk tales are really cool, you've all used your imaginations and created some good stories. Well done P5! Caroline(Laura's mum)

  2. I thought all the stories were really good and when I did mine I was really nervous and I think Alia did a good job of her troll voices.

    Keira p5

  3. It was really fun making up or own stories. I think me, Tommy and Ross did really well. We worked really well together and good co-operation. I think everyone did really well!

    Fraser P5

  4. I have really enjoyed listening to all of your stories. I think you have learned a lot from Tom and you did really well in remembering all of the details as you told your stories. This is hard to do. It was very interesting to listen to Tom retelling your stories and the extra details he added.