The Glaitness Big 5 survey results

Our survey of the school to find out what the Glaitness Big 5 are is complete! We started off by making a list of amazing animals that live in Orkney. They had to be well-known, awesome or amazing. We made a list of 12 and collected votes from P1 up to P7.

This is the result in a pie chart:

If you are wondering why there are only 11 animals represented, this is because the herring gull did not get any votes at all!

So the BIG 5 are - orca, otter dolphin, short-eared owl and puffin. Keep checking our blog to see our posters for the Glaitness BIG 5 soon.

Tying Ourselves in Knots!

We were tying ourselves in knots in our drama warm-up this afternoon!  We were learning the importance of working together.

This is not what we were supposed to end up like!

That's more like it!

Welcome to the Class 5 blog!

We are back for a new year of learning!

We are starting with a quest to find the Glaitness Big 5. Scottish Natural Heritage have identified  Scotland's Big 5.

Our local SNH office have identified the Orkney Big 5 - you might have voted for your choice at the County Show.

Now we are finding out what our whole school think should be Orkney's Big 5.