Mission Explore: Muddisdale

Inspired by The John Muir Trust we have taken up the challenge of completing some missions of our own at Muddisdale and Wideford. We went with Class 5,6,7 to complete as many missions as we could in one morning. This involved getting up close to nature, listening, looking, feeling with our hands (and for some of us with our feet!), counting, remembering and creating.
We have many more missions to complete - we will be back!

Pylon challenge

For our 'Electricity' topic we have been learning about how electricity is generated and carried across the country by pylons. While constructing our own model pylons we found out how important triangles are to make structures strong and how important good joins are.

Of course they need to be made out of triangles but they don't need to be boring!
Look at these ideas for pylon designs in Iceland.

Tag Rugby Festival

The weather held for our Tag Rugby Festival and made it a great day out at the Picky outfields.
Glaitness had eight teams of ten made up of P5, P6 and P7 children and played friendly matches against different schools (and their own!).

 Each team had 7 players on the field at any one time.
This meant that subs had to be ready at the half time horn after 6 minutes of play.

The standard of play and skills is improving with the P7s in particular showing off some impressive skills. Well done everyone!

Glaitness BIG 5 at the Science Festival

Our Glaitness BIG 5 posters are being displayed at The Picky Centre in the Scottish Natural Heritage display for the Science Festival. We hope that lots of people will see them! Why not go and have a look! Please leave a comment on this post and tell us what you thought. You might notice how our survey results changed the overall results for Orkney.

Our posters look great!
 One person representing each of the poster groups went over to see the display.
Information about all the animals that were in the survey is in the SNH display.

The only animal that is the Orkney BIG 5 and our BIG 5 is the puffin!