Glaitness BIG 5 at the Science Festival

Our Glaitness BIG 5 posters are being displayed at The Picky Centre in the Scottish Natural Heritage display for the Science Festival. We hope that lots of people will see them! Why not go and have a look! Please leave a comment on this post and tell us what you thought. You might notice how our survey results changed the overall results for Orkney.

Our posters look great!
 One person representing each of the poster groups went over to see the display.
Information about all the animals that were in the survey is in the SNH display.

The only animal that is the Orkney BIG 5 and our BIG 5 is the puffin!


  1. The posters are great. We saw them at Picky.

    Courtney's mum

  2. This looks very interesting, well done to you all.There is lots of puffins on the cliffs of Papa Westray. James Mum

  3. I loved all the posters they were great and very fun to make!