Mission Explore: Muddisdale

Inspired by The John Muir Trust we have taken up the challenge of completing some missions of our own at Muddisdale and Wideford. We went with Class 5,6,7 to complete as many missions as we could in one morning. This involved getting up close to nature, listening, looking, feeling with our hands (and for some of us with our feet!), counting, remembering and creating.
We have many more missions to complete - we will be back!


  1. This looks like a really fun day out I wish I could have been with you all. The film of the photos and music is really interesting and its lovely to see all the things you did!

    Charlotte Keira's mum

  2. I enjoyed our trip it was really fun and i descuverd alot more about nature than i use to

  3. Looks like you all had a really interesting time. The photos are great and I love the sad face in the tree!

    Alex's Mum (Sarah)

  4. Enjoyed the morning and can now recognise an ash tree - always learning!

    Gillian (Aidan's Mum)

  5. The photos are great. looks like you had a great time.

    Maureen (Kalle's mum)

  6. great to see the kids learning and enjoying themselevs at the same time magic

    jimmy ( jamies dad )

  7. I really enjoyed our trip we saw lots of different bugs and lots of different trees my favourite tree was the ash tree it is a tree in Scotland that are getting ruined!

    Zoe P5