Pylon challenge

For our 'Electricity' topic we have been learning about how electricity is generated and carried across the country by pylons. While constructing our own model pylons we found out how important triangles are to make structures strong and how important good joins are.

Of course they need to be made out of triangles but they don't need to be boring!
Look at these ideas for pylon designs in Iceland.


  1. You all look as if your working well together. These pylons in Iceland look very interesting, I wonder if you know of anywhere else that has pylons as good as these?

    Jane (Elin's Mum)

  2. I liked making the pylons.

    Do you know where the name pylons come from and how long do you think it takes for one to get built?

    I like the pylons in Iceland I wish I could build ones like that.

    My dad said there used to be very big pylons in Holm and my granny has one little one in her garden.

    Elin Sinclair p5

  3. You all looked like you were having loads of fun building your pylons, I wonder how long it would take you to make ones like they have in Iceland.

    Rosie(Kiah's mum)

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  5. This looks like a very interesting project, I am amazed by the awesome iceland pylons they look very creative,I wonder what other shapes pylons could be made into. pylons have a horrible sound that sounds like a hive of bees especially when lots are close together if you here it once you will never forget it. Enjoy the rest of your project Class 5.

    Anna-Rose (Alfie's mother)

  6. The kids looked like they were having fun making these shapes.These Iceland pylons are great,and the ones in the UK are so boring and all the same how do we get the UK to do something like this over here.

    Craig (Kieran's dad)

  7. Your model pylons look great!

    Greig's mum

  8. WOW!!!
    they look great!

  9. The glatness big 5 surva looks fun

    Ewan dad

  10. good work P5
    (Ryans Mum)

  11. the pylons where really fun to make and i wish our one could look like pylons in Iceland Keira p5

  12. I loved making the pylons they were really fun to make!
    I wish I could have the pylons in Iceland!