Tag Rugby Festival

The weather held for our Tag Rugby Festival and made it a great day out at the Picky outfields.
Glaitness had eight teams of ten made up of P5, P6 and P7 children and played friendly matches against different schools (and their own!).

 Each team had 7 players on the field at any one time.
This meant that subs had to be ready at the half time horn after 6 minutes of play.

The standard of play and skills is improving with the P7s in particular showing off some impressive skills. Well done everyone!


  1. great pictures,well done to all the class on their efforts :)

    caroline thomson

  2. I hope you all enjoyed the tag rugby festival, I'm glad the weather stayed dry for you.

    Lorna Kemp (Zoe's mum)

  3. Looks like everone had fun, well done classes 5-7.

    Kirsty Bruce(Liam's mum)

  4. Everyone looks very engrossed in the Rugby activities, nice to see the photos. Well done to the organisers

    Roy Brown, (Aidan's Dad)

  5. I think the rugby festival is a great way for all the schools in Orkney to get together in a friendly and competitive manner.
    Moira Anderson (Kate's mum)

  6. the tag rugby festival was fun we won most of our games :)