Children in Need 2013

Lots of us dressed up to raise money for
Children in Need on Friday 15th November.

This is not the cheeriest photo (we should have taken more!) but we did have a good time helping the school to raise over £600 for the charity.
One member of our class went the extra mile by organising her own competition, asking people to pay to guess how many sweets were in the jar.  What a great idea!
You can see more of the ways your money will be used to help children throughout the UK, including here in Orkney:


  1. I enjoyed dressing up on Friday. I cant believe we raised £600. I think Mrs Linklater looked funny going to the pool in her costume! =) =)

  2. well done Elin for raising £13 and well done to Lois for winning the jar of sweets! =)

  3. I liked children in need on Friday it was fun. Did you do anything for children in need?
    I did guess how many sweeties in the jar for 20p a go. I raised £13.30.

    Elin Sinclair p5

  4. Thanks for posting your comments, Zoe and Elin. I did feel a bit silly going to the pool as Wenda but plenty of you were still dressed up too! Did you watch the Children in Need programme on Friday evening? I found the appeal videos very emotional. It is clear that the money we all donate is put to very good use.

  5. well done to louis at sweets in a jar at the guess of 202 and it was amazing fun at the parade and the penalty shoot out well done to jay and all of the other contestants everyone had lots of fun and almost everyone got a pudsey toy/wrisband/ keyring. mrs linklater was welma im sure miss mackay had a great children in need too

    from connor thomson p5

  6. I enjoyed dressing up for children in need and it was fun.

    liam bruce p5

  7. well done people who dressed up in onesies ewan

  8. I liked seeing everyone dressed up.

    Greig p5

  9. I liked dressing up or children in need it was fun! I hope everyone had a great time! It was a very good idea to do sweets in a jar. Did you dress up? Well done to everyone who did!

    Alex p5

  10. I liked everybody's costumes and I can't believe how much money we raised!

    Courtney P5

  11. I think we did well in fundraising for Children in Need. We paid 50p to wear our pjs.