Last week we did some drama to inspire us for our writing. 
We learned about how to write playscripts and everyone did really well with their first attempt.
This week we acted out some of the scripts written by children in the class.

 It was good to act them out as it helped us to see what worked well and what needed improved.  There was a great improvement in the confidence shown in performing skills today.
Well done everyone!


  1. Every one was really good at playing the scripts I enjoyed doing it did everybody enjoy it to ?.Ryan p5.

  2. Everyone looks so happy I really wish I wasn't off sick that day. How did you feel on that day

    by Jamie class 5

  3. I enjoyed acting out the scripts that people wrote the one that we had to preform was good.I think my group liked it to it was a little bit hard because I had to act two people because we where one short . my favourite was Zoe's script it was funny! and Alex's was good too. I wonder how Zoe and Alex's where so good. from keira milne