Happy Holidays!

Here are some of the pop-up gingerbread houses we made in the last week of term with real sugar and sweetie decorations.
We took inspiration from the video below when thinking about the forest setting for our fairytale houses. If you look very carefully you might be able to find a few forest creatures in our pop-up pictures, perhaps even a fox!


  1. I love this song and what does the fox say?.Ryan p5

  2. Its really really awesome and funny and its cool how they get lots of people to dress up as animals
    Aidan p5

  3. Best song it really fits in
    From p4

  4. love the fox song
    from class 4

  5. realy fun to read and from the amount of people you must be the popular amount of coments well I like the song what does the fox say what does it say eny way By Hannah class 4