Materials - Clay

 This week we started our materials topic by exploring the properties of clay.

We used pinch, coil and slab methods to create shapes and construct sculptures.
We found out how clay changes when you work with it.

Now we are ready to find out more about where it comes from, and what it is used for and how it is made into things that people use.

A Scottish Assembly

Burns Night is tomorrow, and to celebrate we shared some of our Scotland topic activities at a Class Assembly this afternoon. We had a fantastic turnout, with lots of support from our families - thank you everyone for coming!
Here is flavour of this afternoon's event:

Thanks once again to The Wrigley Sisters for allowing us to use their music.
This time it is The North Ron Reel South Ron Run from their album Skyran.

Making Shortbread

The food group have begun making shortbread for the Class 5 Assembly.
Thanks for the help Mrs Humphries and Mrs Brown!

Celebrating Robert Burns

We made haggis and clapshot. It is traditional to have haggis and clapshot at a Burns Supper on the 25th of January which is Robert Burns' birthday. Robert Burns was a famous poet and songwriter.

This is our picture of The Tale of Tam O' Shanter by Robert Burns.

The ingredients of haggis are sheeps heart, liver and lungs.
Clapshot is mashed potatoes and turnip.

Peel, chop, boil, mash... EAT!
Thanks you Mrs Humphries for helping us prepare the haggis and clapshot.