A Scottish Assembly

Burns Night is tomorrow, and to celebrate we shared some of our Scotland topic activities at a Class Assembly this afternoon. We had a fantastic turnout, with lots of support from our families - thank you everyone for coming!
Here is flavour of this afternoon's event:

Thanks once again to The Wrigley Sisters for allowing us to use their music.
This time it is The North Ron Reel South Ron Run from their album Skyran.


  1. What a brilliant assembly really enjoyed it Jane(Elins mum)

    1. Thank you! Its lovely to get positive feedback. We enjoyed it too!

  2. I loved the assembly it was so fun.

    on Saturday we had a burns super and I said the poem to a mouse.

    Elin p5

  3. Elin - it's great you had a chance to recite your poem again,well done!

  4. I really enjoyed the assembly. My favourite part was me and Courtney's dance, the to fiddle songs fairy lullaby and marries wedding and the poem Tae a Mouse. I hope that everybody who came liked it because we worked really hard on it. I was really impressed that Alex could still play Auld Lang Syne when everybody was going in and out. Thank you everybody who came.

  5. I really loved the Burns Assembly. Well done to everybody involved it was brilliant!

    Sarah Muir (Alex's Mum)