Celebrating Robert Burns

We made haggis and clapshot. It is traditional to have haggis and clapshot at a Burns Supper on the 25th of January which is Robert Burns' birthday. Robert Burns was a famous poet and songwriter.

This is our picture of The Tale of Tam O' Shanter by Robert Burns.

The ingredients of haggis are sheeps heart, liver and lungs.
Clapshot is mashed potatoes and turnip.

Peel, chop, boil, mash... EAT!
Thanks you Mrs Humphries for helping us prepare the haggis and clapshot.


  1. This was great fun and interesting. Everyone helped with each part of the process and some were very surprised that they liked haggis!
    Mrs Humphreys

  2. I really enjoyed doing our witches it was really fun. I think everybody was really hard working on their witches. Well done to Alex for drawing that amazing horse and tam o' Shanter. I think that everybody's hard work made the wall look amazing well done to everybody who took part on the wall. I likend the story of Tam o'Shanter.

  3. I enjoyed making a witch. Everyboby spent time and great effort on Tam o' shanter display .Alex made a great effort on her horse with the cuting. The witch's are really effective on the wall.by Keira p5

  4. Quality comments Zoe and Keira! Well done! I am pleased with the picture too - it has an eerie atmosphere and it tells part of the story too. Happy Burns Day!