We explored the qualities and properties of woollen fleece by using it for felting. We used a beach stone and some natural fleece with a strand of dyed coloured wool make it different and special. In pairs we worked at the fleece wrapped round the stone inside a bag with soapy water. We had to keep it moving for a long time before the fibres started to stick together to become fabric.

While we were doing this we thought about the adjectives which described what we noticed through our senses about the material as it went from dry and light to wet and heavy. We listed the verbs that described what we were doing too. It will take a while for the felted stones to dry.


  1. The stones look great well done

    Gillian (Aidan's mum)

  2. I enyoyed felting! Mine and Kates turned out well. Hope everyone elses turned out well. Did everyone enjoy felting? Keira p5

  3. I really enjoyed felting! Me and Courtney we not sure if we were going to like felting but we enjoyed it. We thought that our stone would look not so good but we liked the look of it when it was done.

    Zoe p5

  4. Looks fun. I bet you enjoyed doing it.

    Sarah (Alex's Mum)