McLaren 2014

2014 marks the centenary of pioneering Scottish artist Norman McLaren. He was a celebrated animator and world-renowned artist. We are lucky enough to be able to take part in an animation workshop this term which is part of the Homecoming 2014 and Culture 2014.
Before the workshop, when we will work with a skilled animator, we are doing a few activities produced by the Centre of the Moving Image, in partnership with the National Film Board of Canada. Norman McLaren lived and worked in Canada like many Scottish emigrants and their descendants.

Today we made sound pictures and stories and then we tried drawing a portriat of someone with a continuous line and without looking! Here is a slideshow of the results.
Some of them are rather good!


 We watched  'Le Merle' - his animation about a French blackbird nonsense song. (Canada has 2 languages - English and French) We cut out shapes and created out own creatures made from similar shapes. The fewer the pieces the simpler it is to animate.


  1. I loved the portraits video. The 'metal' things also looked interesting. Well done. Gh

  2. I loved the portraits video. This isnt easy to do so well done all. Gh

  3. It was hard to make them look their face. What we did is we had our heads up so we couldn't see what we were doing.

    Zoe P5