Scottish Parliament Outreach session

 Today we found out about the Scottish Parliament. We created our own parliamentary parties and elected members to stand in an election. The Animal Welfare Party won the election! The debate we had was structured like a real Parliamentary debate and we had a presiding officer - Ryan! Greig used the gavel too, to start off the proceedings.


  1. I really enjoyed learning about the parliament. I was so glad that our party won the animal party. I thought that the animal party would lose but I don't know why though. My favourite part was when we were pretending to be voting. I loved it when I got home I told my mum, dad and sisters about it. I super enjoyed it.

    Zoe P5

  2. It was so much fun making paper out of egg boxes and bamboo sticks.Everyone did really well and everyone enjoyed it.

    connor p5

  3. I really enjoyed learning about the Scottish Parliament and loved using the power votes. I think we should use power votes at school because if you get a answer wrong nobody will know you got the answer wrong.James