The Year of the Horse

Our 'Great Wall of China' has developed and now displays lots of ways of celebrating The Year of The Horse by a few different classes. You can see that paper is used in lots of different ways, from lucky money envelopes to paper fans and lanterns. We used our cutting skills to create decorated paper horse heads and tangram horses. Other classes used folding skills to create dragon puppets.

We also used the Chinagram app on the touchscreen of the ipad to practice writing Chinese characters.
We found out about the drawings they originally represented and how to say the sound or word.

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  1. I liked doing Chinese new year things. I learned Chinese words and I got a chance to write Chinese words. I also learned it was the year of the horse and that their is 12 animals. I am the year of the Monkey so is a lot of people in the class.

    Zoe P5