Blinkety Bird

We are looking forward to our animation workshop next week. We have been using the 'Blinkety Blank' app to make an animation at 12 frames per second.
It worked really well.
We hope you enjoy it!

We will be making our own individual animation during the workshop. Come back to the blog to follow links to the videos when they are published.

We have decided to make our own animation with cut paper characters after being inspired by the Aith Primary School video.  We have submitted our proposals to Ms Mackay and the theme and chracters for our class animation will be chosen from these ideas.


  1. It was fun doing blinkity bird. We had to scratch it but it was like drawing it. When we coloured it be could just scribble on the black back round and it wouldn't show up.


  2. I liked making this video and I thought that since lots of different people it looked very funny when its head gets bigger then it gets smaller again! I also liked colouring the bird yellow. I coloured it with Ieuan and we took turns in doing a picture each. Courtney p5

  3. This is a good start. I look forward to seeing what you produce as part of the workshop. I think lego and plasticene animations can be really good fun too.

  4. i enjoyed learning about the animation - ewan

    i enjoyed watching it - george