Making paper

We have been making paper as part of our materials topic. We collected different coloured egg boxes. We had green, purple and orange and grey. We chose green and purple.

First we took off any stickers and tore the egg boxes into little pieces. We put water in a container and made the pieces soggy. Then we put the mixture in the blender and made pulp. We poured the pulp over the screen and removed the deckle  when it had drained a bit. Then we sprinkled glitter on the surface and covered it with a cloth. After we had turned it over we blotted it with a towel and removed the frame. Then we covered it with another cloth and we rolled it with a rolling pin to squeeze out some water and make it flat.


  1. I really enjoyed making paper, I think that if only made paper by hand there would be more trees left for animals that live in the forest. James

  2. When we did the paper making I wasn't here I was at XFactor I really enjoyed it but anyway I was really sad that I didn't get to make the paper. But I got to see the paper that they made 9i looked fun.

    Zoe P5

  3. I liked making the paper it was fun my favourite material was making the paper or the felt stone.
    I would like to do more thing like that. I learnt a lot from it we made a lot of things from paper and with clay.
    Elin P5

  4. I enjoyed making paper,I never new that is an other way of making paper. They all turned out great! Everyone put a bit into it and made the paper great. from keira p5

  5. I really liked making paper and I never knew you could make paper from egg boxes. I thought everyone was very good at ripping the boxes into tiny pieces. I thought that the pulp looked quite weird especially the green.


  6. Its was fun making paper but the best part was sprinkling the blue gliter over the paper.
    by kieran p5