How cool is this...?
For one of our letter writing tasks this term we were allowed to write a letter to whoever we wanted to.  Aidan chose to write to Aaron Ramsey, the Arsenal footballer, and today he got a reply!
The club sent him a letter with a poster featuring the greatest moments of the club, all of the current squad's photos and signatures, a 2013-14 club photo and a photo and information card about Aaron Ramsey.  What a result!
We are now waiting with bated breath to see if anyone else replies...


  1. I haven't seen him with such a happy smile that lasted till he went to bed! I think he fell asleep smiling.

    1. It was pretty special and shows that 'snail-mail' still has a place!

  2. That must have been really cool to get a letter back from a famous person. I was going to write to little mix but I decided to write to a family member. A lot of the girls wrote to little mix because nearly all the girls love little mix and I am one of those girls.


  3. It was really cool that Aidan got a reply! I wonder if anyone else will get a reply. I really hope I gety a reply from little mix and if Elin and Kate will get a reply from them too.
    Alex P5