Campcraft at Muddisdale

Before setting out for Muddisdale our challenge was to try to bring no disposable plastic packaging in our packed lunches, and if possible to try to have no plastic packaging at all! This is not an easy task!

Ewan won this challenge with a paper carrier bag and paper bag for sandwiches which was closed with thread. He also had fruit in its own packaging (apple and banana) and a metal water bottle.
Compare this with the packed lunch on your right which had 6 pieces of single use plastic in it!
The Funky Fighters.

The Vicious Vikings
 After the shelter building we had a break on the grass - it made a nice change from the hard playground! 

There was plenty of space for sitting in the shelter to eat.

 We had a look at  flint and steel fire starters and tried making a spark with the metal ones while the Kelly Kettle got started. We had just enough water for hot chocolate for everyone who brought a mug.
  We learned again about how to start a fire and leaving no trace.
Everyone had to stay out side the fire area.

Please look at the comments below to find out what we each learned and enjoyed. Thank youparent helpers and Mrs Wragg and Mia for helping us too.

Easter Assembly

On Good Friday, we took part in the school's Easter Assembly.  We performed a short play to show what we have learned about why Christians celebrate Easter.
Kate, Alex and James did an amazing job of learning lots and lots of lines over the holidays and they delivered them well on the day, as did Connor and Aidan.  It was great to see so many of the children wanting a speaking part to demonstrate their learning in RME and their dramatic skills.  We will be doing lots of drama as part of our Vikings project this term, so everyone will get the chance to shine!
Hopefully, we helped children from other classes understand more about why Christians celebrate Easter.

Farewell Ryan

The last day of term was an emotional one!  Although we were all excited about the holidays, we were also really sad to say goodbye to Ryan.  We will miss him and hope he gets on really well at his new school.  We will keep an eye on his new class blog and I'm sure many of his classmates will be keeping in touch with him.
We made a book for Ryan to remind him of his time with us and to give him our good wishes.

Our class won't be the same without him!

More Replies!

Our letter writing excitement continues!
James received not one, but TWO replies to a letter he wrote!  Back when we did our class assembly, we provided you all with Fair Trade drinks that were bought from local shops, alongside our homemade shortbread.  In doing this, we were taking part in the Orkney Islands Council 'Local and Fair Challenge'.  James wrote to them to tell them what we did and he has received letters of thanks from Gillian Morrison, the Executive Director of Corporate Services and Gill Smee, the Chairperson of the Orkney Fair Trade Group.  They told us about the things other people did too and how Orkney is now recognised as a Fair Trade Zone.
If you want to know more about Fair Trade, you can look here:
Remember that shopping locally benefits the whole of Orkney and you can even win extra treats with the 'Lucky Locals' draw!
Greig also got a reply!  He chose to write to Sir Chris Hoy, the UK's most successful Olympian.  He received a signed photo of him, along with lots of information about him.