Easter Assembly

On Good Friday, we took part in the school's Easter Assembly.  We performed a short play to show what we have learned about why Christians celebrate Easter.
Kate, Alex and James did an amazing job of learning lots and lots of lines over the holidays and they delivered them well on the day, as did Connor and Aidan.  It was great to see so many of the children wanting a speaking part to demonstrate their learning in RME and their dramatic skills.  We will be doing lots of drama as part of our Vikings project this term, so everyone will get the chance to shine!
Hopefully, we helped children from other classes understand more about why Christians celebrate Easter.


  1. I enjoyed doing our easter play. Even though I didn't get the part that I wanted I was happy for the people who did. I thought that Kate looked really funny in her costume. Everybody else was shopers. Well done again to James,Alex and Kate. Happy eater everybody!
    Zoe P5

    1. Thanks, Zoe. You dealt with not getting the part you were hoping for in a very mature way. Hopefully you will enjoy the rest of the drama we have in store for the rest of the term.