Farewell Ryan

The last day of term was an emotional one!  Although we were all excited about the holidays, we were also really sad to say goodbye to Ryan.  We will miss him and hope he gets on really well at his new school.  We will keep an eye on his new class blog and I'm sure many of his classmates will be keeping in touch with him.
We made a book for Ryan to remind him of his time with us and to give him our good wishes.

Our class won't be the same without him!


  1. I'm sure everyone in P5 will miss you Ryan! Good luck.

  2. Thank you for helping me through to p5 you all were realy great friends I hope you will all keep intouch.Ryan

  3. PS.thanks for the book.Ryan

  4. You are very welcome, Ryan. What have you enjoyed most so far at St Andrews?
    Mrs L

  5. I hope you have a fantastic time at St Anderws Ryan!

    Zoe P5