Farm to Fork

One of our Health and Wellbeing targets this term is to learn more about where our food comes from.  This week we went on two trips as part of the 'Farm to Fork' initiative being run by Tesco.
On Thursday we got the bus through to Argo's Bakery in Stromness.  We were shown around by Shane and he explained the different products they make and how they do it.

Post a comment to explain what you saw, what you did and what you got to taste!
Thanks very much to Kirsty and Mrs Wragg for coming with us.
On Friday we went to Tesco and Kasia showed us round and had lots of activities for us to do.
It was interesting to see that the products come from all over the world for us to buy.  They stock many of Argo's products from Stromness alongside fruit and vegetables from Brazil and the Netherlands!  Why is it important for customers to be able to see where the products come from?
Post a comment to explain what you learned from our trip to Tesco.
Thanks very much to Moira and Mrs Jackson for coming with us and to Carrie who came in to tell us about the bakery on her day off!
We are very fortunate to be able to spend lots of time out and about learning in different environments.  Some of the class are really good at listening, taking part appropriately and asking great questions.  Unfortunately, every time one of the adults was talking to the class on our trips, some children had to be asked to be quiet and listen.  It is VERY important that we all show respect to people who are giving up their time for us.  I hope to see an improvement in this.


Visit to St Magnus Centre and Cathedral

The sun shone beautifully on our visit to the St Magnus Cathedral.  We went to learn more about our Viking history and to find out more generally about the magnificent building that towers over our town.
Fran Hollingrake gave us a tour that was full of exciting stories.  She really brought the building to life and we learned so much from her.  Some of the children asked really thoughtful questions.
Please leave comments below to explain each of the photographs and what you learned to your family.


Thanks very much to Rosie and Mrs Jackson who came with us.

Cosy Cosy workshop

Today we went along to the visiting Cosy Cosy Workshop - all about insulation and energy in the home. It was great fun! Designed like a quiz game Thermal Thelma and Toasty Tim helped us learn about heat energy travels through materials and spaces in our homes and what we can do to save energy and ultimately the planet!

How well would a Viking home be insulated from the cold?

P5 Pick It Up at Scapa

The 'Packed Lunch Award' goes to Scott this week, who brought no single use disposable plastic packaging.

Class 5 went back to Scapa to get rid of some of the troublesome marine litter that has washed up on the beach. Although the Pick Up Three Pieces bin was full when we got there the bin lorry soon came to empty it.

That is 1100litres of litter that won't be on the beach!
This time we had some signs to mark the area we were working in and to remind dog owners to keep their dogs under control - it seemed to work!

It is a nice change to sit on sand and make sand castles at playtime too.

Then to work picking up lots of tiny bits of plastic wrap and short bits of rope which have been dropped from fishing boats. Its not easy disentangling it from teh dried seaweed. We found a bird carcass which looked as if its stomach had been full of tiny bits of plastic. These bits are now back in the environment and may end up killing another birs or its chicks by slowly starving it of real food.

 We found other bits of litter which were identifiable like a paint brush handle, a comb, an electric shaver, a lighter and some food litter, but most of the litter was rope buried in the sand.

Team work meant we could remove buried items if we all worked together.

We worked our way along from the east edge of the sand towards the carpark at the middle of the bay.

There was more and more litter as we went west along the beach.

Lots of it was buried.

Here you can see the rope and the packing bands, some of which are still in a loop and deadly for marine animals. There are old containers which we think might have been used as improvised floats for creels since they still have the rope tied to the handle for keeping them in place.

After one last huge effort we carried the litter back to the bin and completely filled it!

Well done litter warriors!
Lets make sure everyone picks up 3 for the sea!

Viking Workshop Week

This week we have been hard at work researching, making and presenting what we have learned about our Viking group topics. The whole week has transformed our classroom into a busy workshop.   The Gods, Myths and Legends group have found out about the Viking Gods and will soon be ready to tell us a myth about The Theft of  Thor's Hammer.

The jewellery and weapons group was came together to create a Viking 'hoard' of treasure which may have been buried in a hurry and then lost or forgotten about....

The longhouse group made a model Viking longhouse complete with turf roof and stone foundations. Inside, the house has a stone hearth and cooking pot with clay bowls and baskets, benches wth woven fabric and animal skins. In the corner you can see a loom for weaving fabric.

The Longship group made a scale model of a 20m Viking ship for 40 oarsmen.
They found out about the design and construction of the ship and the sail and how seaworthy the ships were.

The group finding out about Viking clothes became master weavers on the peg loom this week and taught others how to create a woven fabric using yarn. Their work came together with the presentation of the complete outfit for a Viking man and a Viking woman.
The Food group made Viking bread which we all had a taste of, and explained how the Vikings cooked over an open fire and the vessels and utensils they used to cook and eat with.
They had a wide and varied diet!

Here is their video which they used to explain how they made the bread which contained honey - yum!
 PLease click on the photos to get a larger version so that you can see all the details!
Well done Class 5!

Tag Rugby Festival

We were glad to wake up to a dry and relatively bright morning on Friday for the Tag Rugby Festival.  We were split into three teams along with some of the P6s.  Everyone took part enthusiastically and had a great day.  The children were really good at supporting each other and showed great sportsmanship.  All three teams won some of their games and showed an improvement in skills.

James couldn't play as he was injured but he was a brilliantly motivational coach!

Friends Reunited!
The cheerleaders were first class!
Well done everyone - you did the school proud!