Viking Workshop Week

This week we have been hard at work researching, making and presenting what we have learned about our Viking group topics. The whole week has transformed our classroom into a busy workshop.   The Gods, Myths and Legends group have found out about the Viking Gods and will soon be ready to tell us a myth about The Theft of  Thor's Hammer.

The jewellery and weapons group was came together to create a Viking 'hoard' of treasure which may have been buried in a hurry and then lost or forgotten about....

The longhouse group made a model Viking longhouse complete with turf roof and stone foundations. Inside, the house has a stone hearth and cooking pot with clay bowls and baskets, benches wth woven fabric and animal skins. In the corner you can see a loom for weaving fabric.

The Longship group made a scale model of a 20m Viking ship for 40 oarsmen.
They found out about the design and construction of the ship and the sail and how seaworthy the ships were.

The group finding out about Viking clothes became master weavers on the peg loom this week and taught others how to create a woven fabric using yarn. Their work came together with the presentation of the complete outfit for a Viking man and a Viking woman.
The Food group made Viking bread which we all had a taste of, and explained how the Vikings cooked over an open fire and the vessels and utensils they used to cook and eat with.
They had a wide and varied diet!

Here is their video which they used to explain how they made the bread which contained honey - yum!
 PLease click on the photos to get a larger version so that you can see all the details!
Well done Class 5!


  1. They workt vere well to crate the viking long hose.I was amased when I so the long h
    hose.p5 alfie

  2. I really enjoyed doing the Viking workshop last week. I was in the jewellery and longhouse group. me, Courtney, Keira and Kiah were in the jewellery and Courtney, me, Keira, Kiah, Connor and Ieuan were I the longhouse group. I was inpressed with the Viking long ship. I had a try of the Viking bread but I didn't like it. I really like the display on the wall from the Gods and Myths and I'm looking forward to the story there telling us. Also we have Viking names my name is Asa the Brave!

    Zoe P5

  3. i was in the clothes grup i dresed up as a viking i put mod rock on the sheld and panted it. it was fun. from miles

  4. I loved doing the viking workshop because it was really fun. I was in the gods myths and legends group and we had to make pictures and we also had to make descriptions.

    By Aidan.

  5. I think all the groups worked really hard on there project. I really liked making the longship with Luke, Alfie and James.

    By Greig

  6. My group woked hard on weaving . Elin and Miles dressed up as a vikings.

    By Callum

  7. You have produced so many interesting things - the displays are fantastic. Would you like to have lived at the time of the Vikings?