Mission Explore at Muddisdale and Wideford

We continued our John Muir Mission Explore challenges at Muddisdale and Wideford.
This time James won the 'plastic-free lunch' challenge - well done!
Yum! NO plastic!

We started our day with a few Woodland Workout activities amongst the sycamore trees - it was great fun and a good warm-up. Next we had a look at the biodiversity in the first two habitats - amongst the trees and the grassland around the trees. Further on we stopped to micro-explore the stone walls - a few spiders in there! We noticed the patch of land squeezed between the golf-course, the Muddisdale plantation and the farmland - this is probably as close as we can get to seeing what the landscape looked like before people turned it into farmland.

Micro-exploring the cracks!
Can you see the difference between the old and the more recently built wall?
We had a look at the third habitat- farmland.
There was much less biodiversity in the farmed fields than on the verges of the path.
Next challenge was to count 1000 steps - we did it! and when we completed the challenge we had gone a LONG WAY!
Unfortunately the top of the hill was covered in cloud to there was no view to enjoy but we did get windswept and we did stand on top of a high place. We had a short look at the habitat on the hill and had our lunch.
On the way down we managed to Pick Up Three Pieces (our own challenge) and then we arrived back at sunny Muddisdale.
Time for a game which involved trying to memorise collections of natural objects...
 and a game of 'Ants'.
Now we can see the top of the hill!

What's missing?

We love the 'ants' game!

We found that there was much more biodiversity than we expected!



  1. I really enjoyed going to have lunch at the top of widford hill and it was really scary going back down

  2. I really enjoyed having lunch on the top of widford hill and it was really scary going back down.

    By Liam

  3. I had fun at widefordhill and muddisdale. Me and mum might walk up wifeford on Saterday. My mum ran up wifeford and down in 45 minits.
    Elin P5

  4. I enjoyed having our lunch at the top of Wideford Hill and it was scary on the way down. I was very, VERY tired when I got home and I slept well last night.

    By Aidan.

  5. It was itsoting but i liked the tree escersize it was fun. i did not like the walk on the track ther where sheep and ther dropings. when they whent past they hoped in the air. miles p5

  6. yesterday we went to Muddisdale and Widford hill at Muddisdale we were searching for biodiversity such as plants and bugs and animals etc. At Widford we counted a thousand steps and went to the very top and had our lunch . It was very tiring and we couldn't see the beautiful view because it was so misty.

    Jamie walker p5

  7. I really enjoyed going to Muddisdale and Wideford. I was really tired after walking from the school up past Muddisdale up Wideford then back the same way. Going up the hill there was sheep and at the gate we came into the side so the sheep could run past and one of the kept on leaping. I was really proud of my self for walking all the way up Wideford and back. We looked at lots of thing at Muddisdale and Wideford. I had lots of fun! Also thank you to the Ms Mackay, Mrs Wragg, Elin's mum and Kieran's dad and well done to all the class for walking up Wideford.

    Zoe P5

  8. I liked it when the sheep were running and jumping. Going up Wideford Hill was very tiring but we made it up. Now I can say I've been at the top of Wideford Hill.

    By Greig

  9. It was very long walk when we got to the hill my legs where very sore so sore i fell over but it was fun.
    By Ieuan

  10. I really enjoyed the trip up Wideford, it was a long way up but we managed. well done P5 James

  11. We went to Muddisdale and Wideford yesterday and it was really fun. We stopped in Muddisdale a few times to do activities like shuttle runs from two trees,jumping up to touch a branch and going round a tree. Also we looked in cracks of the wall to see what creatures lived there. When we got to Wideford we walked past a farm and there were some sheep on the road. They kept running away and when we got to the top of the path two of them were jumping over plants. It was really funny. At the top of Wideford the path got quite steep. We needed a place to eat and when we got the top we had to come back down a bit! On the way down people kept falling into the heather. It took us all day nearly but we got to play heads down thumbs up at the end of the day. I had dancing that night so I was really tired. Thank you Ms Mackay for taking us. Courtney

  12. I liked going up Wideford but it was really tiring!! We met some sheep that had escaped from the field. There were about 6 or 7 of them and the ran away and when they ran they were jumping. It was very funny. I counted 1000 steps. It was surprising how far it was. When we got to the top we all cheered and it was all foggy so it looked like if you fell you would keep on falling forever. I was really hungry when we got to the top and I said I could eat a whole roast dinner! Me and Kate made plans to sledge down the hill when it is snowy. On the way back down it was fun because it was so steep that you couldn't stop yourself running. I was laughing because Jamie kept on taking little fast steps and it was funny to watch.

    Alex P5

  13. Wideford hill was AWESOME!! I had so much fun. It was really really tiring walking up the hill but going down was the best! When we got to the top we went hunting for a sheltered place. After lunch we had to go down Wideford hill. It was really fun because it is steep and there are some bits that drop so you had to kind of jump down them. I was almost like jelly after jiggling every where going down the path. When we got back to school it was nice to get my jacket, wellies and water proofs off. When everyone had gotten their things off them we played a game of heads down thumbs up.

  14. On Tuesday p5 went to widefordhill there where some activitese to we went though muddisdale to get to widefordhill it tock ageist. from callum p5