Last days of P5 2013/2014

What a lot we have done this year! Just have a look back through the blog posts to see all the different learning activities we have done.

This term we presented our personal projects. The standard of presentation was very high so we shared our work with the rest of the school by making a display where everyone could see it and appreciate our hard work.

The solar system, the human brain, dolphins, Meerkats, whales, volcanoes Viking helmets, horses, gardening, Orkney chair making, how to make brownies, sharks, the ploughing match, how to set up a trampoline...
what a variety of topics we know about!
 We will not be bored in the holidays! Now we know how to make a kite from things we might have around the house. There was not much wind for our flying trials but this suited the plastic bag kites. The paper ones are a bit heavier and need a little more wind. Unfortunately and unusually for Orkney there has not been very much wind at all the last two days of term! If you want to look at the instruction video again  here is the link...

Have a great summer everyone!